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We advocate for the rights

of refugees and asylum-seekers.

No Lost Generation GWU advocates for those displaced around the world. Through events, fundraising, volunteering, lobbying, and more, we educate students and legislators about important humanitarian issues and connect with change-makers across the globe.


Join our community of passionate students and advocates today!

Our Initiatives

New Horizons

New Horizons is NLG's mentorship program, offering support to refugee and displaced students in high school through peer-to-peer mentorship, academic workshops, guidance, and other resources as students prepare to apply to university.


Welcoming Campus

NLG has crafted a proposal for a George Washington University program that will support students with refugee backgrounds through the application process, arrival to campus, acclimation to academic and social life, and with the financial burden associated with attending a U.S.-based university.

NLG's Welcoming Campus Initiative is working to make our campus more accessible to refugee-background students through a scholarship, mentorship program, and revised admissions practices.

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